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Thiel Studios is a decorative artisan concrete design studio specializing in custom concrete furniture, countertops, vanities, wall panels, fire places and more. Offering innovative products that enhance outdoor and indoor environments, we blend the organic attributes of concrete with a keen contemporary design style to create distinct and durable pieces that add a beautiful and modern aesthetic for homes and businesses.
We create functional works of art infused with nature’s patterns, idiosyncrasies, variation in color, surface texture, and finish will occur and are considered one of the valued characteristics of concrete. Its perfect imperfections are what gives concrete its beauty and character. We take pride knowing that each piece is hand crafted, different, and has its own story.

Josh Thiel

Master Artisan

With a strong background in engineering, fabricating, and materials science, Josh has always had a keen eye for detail and design. Coupled with his natural creativity, transitioning to hand crafted concrete was an effortless fit for his talents. Josh discovered his passion for concrete design while working on a personal project several years ago and has grown his passion to what it is today.

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